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A Short History of NERF Guns History of Hot Wheels
A Short History of NERF Guns

A Short History of NERF Guns

Way back in the golden years of the late 1980’s the NERF Blast A Ball came into the world. This little weapon made it possible to annoy adults from as far as six feet away, giving you plenty of time to shoot and run. A lot of people refer to it as the first PUSH [...]

History of Hot Wheels

History of Hot Wheels

Since its introduction by Mattel in 1968, Hot Wheels has become a household icon. From birthdays to holidays, it is a classic gift for children of all ages. The over 50 years of history behind the Hot Wheels brand is an extremely interesting but generally unknown.

LEGO: The History of the Famous and Colorful Blocks

We all remember growing up with various toys. However, one of the most classic toys that has stayed a favorite of children over the years is the LEGO brick. These simple, colorful blocks offer children a way to enhance their imagination and make their dreams become a reality. Whether it is building a future dream [...]

1970s Toys: Star Wars, Atari VCS 2600, Rubiks Cube

The toys that came out in the 1970’s seemed to come out of nowhere and were often unlike anything people had seen before.  Though the Star War’s action figures were simply variations of a theme, the success of the movie – and all the resulting toys – came as a surprise to many. This is [...]

Toys from 1995: Toy Story, Star Wars, Happy Meals

02 December 2010

Toys mean more than just having something to keep you busy during your childhood. The right toy can educate a child, help them read, introduce them so to societal norms, or be an escape into a world of imagination. In 1995, society was exposed to numerous toys that forever changed previously held expectations of toys.

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History of Marine Toys for Tots Promotional Posters

History of Marine Toys for Tots Promotional Posters

31 October 2010

Every year, the Marine Toys for toys unveils a poster to help promote the toy drive for that year. While the last couple years have seen the same design according to the official Toys for Tots website (an effect of the recession?) there are a lot of great designs. Take a look at these great [...]

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1924 Toys: Tootsie Toys, Box Car Children, Crayola 16 Pack

30 August 2010

There was a line of toy cars – some based on the original Model T from Ford – that didn’t really have a name until 1924. On March 11, 1924, Tootsietoy was officially registered as a trade mark. That same year, the company that made the toy cars changed their name from Dowst Manufacturing Co. [...]

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Fisher-Price Little People – a Short History

26 August 2010

The Little People brought to us by Fisher-Price have been a classic American toy, introducing children to role-play toys allowing their imagination to creatively develop. The history of Little People is one so interesting it must be told.

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1988 Toys: Nintendo NES, Ghostbusters, Barbies

31 July 2010

1988 was an odd year for parents buying toys, as a new sensation was sweeping the nation up in a frenzy, the likes of which had not been seen for quite some time. It was in this year, 1988, that the Nintendo Entertainment System, most commonly referred to as the NES, experienced one of its [...]

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1942 Toys: Toys in Wartime

28 July 2010

1942 was not the best of years for the United States, or the rest of the world. World War II had already been waging on for two whole years, and the U.S. was becoming more involved as the days went on. As a result, most of the manufacturing effort in the United States started switching [...]

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1998 Toys: Godzilla, Giga Pets, Furby, Oh My!

25 July 2010

As the world wait to party like it was 1999, toys continued to be a hot item in 1998. Some big sellers from the past included Star Wars toys, Giga Pets, Barbie as Sleeping Beauty,  Olympic Skater Barbie Doll and of course the ever present Hot Wheels. One of the lowest priced items was Crayola [...]

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1977 Toys: Godzilla, Slime, and Star Wars

13 July 2010

What toys were popular in 1977? Well, it depends on who you ask, but there were many favorites in 1977. We’re going to look at some of them below. If you remember the toys of 1977, be sure to read to the end of the article. This was the year the first Apple computers were [...]

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Predicting the Future of Toys

08 July 2010

Predicting the future is never easy.  I’ve been known to struggle with it every now and then, but the future of toys can be especially confusing to predict.  You never know when an old favorite toy will make a sudden resurgence into the mainstream or a new technology will bring about yet another revolution in [...]

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1999 Toys: Pokemon, Furby, Sega Dreamcast

07 July 2010

Just before the new millennium, all kids could talk about was Pokemon. With the flood of video games, card games, T.V. shows, and movies, it was everywhere. This is why it reached such heights of popularity in 1999.  There were a few other toy highlights in 1999, however. Keep reading to see more about the [...]

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