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1940s Toys

In the 1940’s, the world was fighting its biggest war.  In the U.S., people were forced to ration what they had to be able to supply the war effort with what it needed to be successful.  The toys invented in the early part of the 1940’s reflect this sentiment, and in the late 1940’s, toys would reflect the excess of a prosperous war economy.  The things invented for military needs would be repurposed as toys for kids.

Model Airplanes were first made out of balsa wood because of its strength to weight ratio.  But, the invention of polystyrene meant that companies now had plastics to use to mass produce toys.  Model airplanes shifted to being made out of plastic instead of wood, and kids and adults fell in love with them.

The wealth of wartime research and development meant that several products would eventually find themselves made into toys.  A couple examples were Slinkies and Silly Putty.  Both were invented by military men while trying to solve problems for their military equipment, but were eventually marketed as toys, where they were bought up in droves.

The wartime rationing seems most evident with toys like Bubbles, which were simple and inexpensive, but kids loved them.  Blowing bubbles had been invented before the 1940’s, but it wasn’t until this decade that the first commercial marketing of the solution to blow the bubbles with was sold.  Because of the simplicity and price of bubbles, Tootsietoy has turned Bubbles into the best selling toy in the entire world.

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  1. wishuponstarson says:

    Do you want your child to tell fantastic stories about how the window got broken, how about how he broke his arm? The truth is always the best policy…even if it is complicated.

  2. Elway_the_Cat says:

    Maybe because the guy who put this story together is a lousy, though sneaky, journalist? He tried to give us a quote that wasn't a quote, and then give us a "quote" without naming the official close to the debate. Yeah, that's credible.

  3. Judge Julie says:

    No – this con artist has nothing in common with B. Madoff – who seduced his clients by inventing profits in a nonexistent stocks and bonds.

  4. egg_sammash says:

    I doubt it…………America is NOT going to vote for another Republican!!

  5. buzzy70a says:

    Three hundred assorted sailors and officers, non SEAL's, stationed on an SSBN (ballistic missile nuclear submarine) could defeat most of the world.

  6. M D says:

    Even at the height of the anti-French sentiment around 2003 , I do not believe the majority of Americans hated them. Those Americans that are informed as far as the effects of US foreign policy on the world understand why the French did not support our charge into Iraq. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some who still believe the French are weak/cowardly/anti-American because that was the impression mainstream US media imparted on them at the time. I don't think Sarkozy's recent trip made as much of a difference in relations as did the passing of time since the intial anti-French sentiment was stirred up.

  7. somanyquestions says:

    Ice, ice, baby. Put an ice cube on it until the putty is stiff. Then you should be able to scrape it off. Spray with Spray and Wash or Shout and launder. Good luck!

  8. meg says:

    the creator of beer

  9. On A Journey says:

    They are calling it a sickness because it is. If someone has an illness (like cancer) they would say they are sick. You have some sort of mental illness and that's considered a sickness. Lithium is usually used on bipolar patients. Maybe they just aren't sure yet. I'm glad to hear you are going to a therapist though. Good luck.

  10. daveyschevy says:

    This is not a good idea.The half ton leaf springs are not made for the weight.The rear end is not made to take the excess weight…Trade in your half ton get a duramax 2500…Thats what I did!!!!!

  11. rec says:

    economically – a teetering house of cards
    socially – isolated, crude, shallow, and poorly educated (and they don't know it)

  12. cherokeeflyer says:

    try searching the airshow if u can remember where it was and what year you went search airshow 2009 whatever city whatever state see what comes up

  13. Tom Jones says:

    PS2s are notorious for laser calibration errors, I guess if you have a PS3 that would work or you could try to clean the lens, that would probably be your best bet.

  14. olelady93 says:

    Think of it this way, its easier to plan any counter assault or area sweep when you have a simple street name or number. A lot of times soldiers don't have a lot of time to take notes so they make them into numbers so that they can get a better strategy going faster. Plus for radio communications it is faster and easier to use numbers instead of names. You are less likely to have miscommunication using numbers.

  15. Insanity says:

    Tommy Boy or Black Sheep

  16. kerridwen09 says:

    I just love George Carlin. He is hilarious! Where can I get my brown ribbon? LOL

  17. Ryan Howard says:

    Tommy Boy is the best.
    Tommy:"Hey, I'll tell you what. You can get a good look at a butcher's a$$ by sticking your head up there. But, wouldn't you rather to take his word for it?"

    Richard: "Housekeeping. You want mint for pillow?"
    Tommy: "Please go away let me sleep, for the love of God."
    Richard: "Housekeeping. You want me to jerk you off?"
    Tommy: "What kind of hotel is this?"
    [opens door]
    Tommy: "Who the hell are… Oh, it's you"
    Richard: "Good morning, sunshine"

    I also liked Black Sheep, another movie starring him and David Spade:
    David Spade (Steve Dodds): "you ok?"
    Chris Farley (Mike Donnelly): " I'm just dandy, I got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants"
    David Spade:" we didn't have any chocolate pudding in there buddy " LOL

    Edit: Oh I also started watching Almost Heroes with Chris and Matthew Perry a couple days ago but I haven't finished it yet. So far so good

  18. DEVinator says:

    i cannot help but agree with you completely….we need more innovators not followers.

  19. Rhea says:

    Maybe try freezing it. Then it should pop right out.

  20. amiokhuh says:

    Someone drinking too much kool-aid today?

  21. Idontgetit says:

    Yep. Tommy Boy here too!!! "Fat Guy, little coat…Fat guy, little coat……………….Fat guy in a little coat………"

  22. jdkilp says:

    I would contact your congressman. Ask where you should begin to try and secure a grant for your idea. He/she should be able to direct you.

  23. DGS says:

    Very good option. You may opt for Computing and Maths in IITs/ Advanced Institute of Maths. A lot of higher learning institutions is in need of Maths / science/ English hands.

  24. Real Estate Para Legal says:

    Its all politics all the time while the people suffer the poor planning and corrective solutions to what the press has shaped as the issues of the day .
    The end the war bill has attached to it millions and millions of dollars in pork and ear marks .
    This is no longer about sound judgment but rather dollars for programs back home .

  25. Captain Blue Dog says:

    Robin Williams and Nicole Richie

  26. Karle says:

    It's called the ultralight.

  27. CYDNEY C says:

    a – when he screamd nemo
    b when nemo tride to break out of the fish tank
    c when she screamed and ran in panic when the shakrs where after her
    d when the floating spikey bomb thing exploded
    e when he got bit
    f when they found out nemo was from the ocean

    2 dori beacuse she was freaking out but she remembered 22 wallabee way sydney

    and 3 idk but i watched the movie yesterday lol must be fate

  28. Brown eyes says:

    Ummm…. eferrell, the rotax 912 (80 hp) weighs 123.5 could easily build a ultralight with that that does not Weigh more than the 254 pound limit

  29. i'm right says:

    u talking about ultralights???

  30. Master says:

    For the first one, I always thought it was a nervous habit of hers. (and I mean, she is a nervous, stressed out person, so it's understandable. I do it too). Although I have heard other theories about it…

    Kind of to show off Melinda's sense of humor, her "teenager-ness". She gives people titles, and it's kinda funny.

  31. J. Philip Real Estate says:

    McSame has no ideas, but he could get a good team together. The problem with a team is, they can go of on their own, like Cheney, Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld did.
    I just hope for the sake of the nation, at least 50,1% of the voters will have enough brains to vote for a democrat.

  32. justgoodfolk says:

    Yes it's very sad. War always is.

  33. HK3738 says:

    I would highly recommend at least one visit to the physical therapist to learn some exercises and then start working on them on your own, it is going to be slow but hopefully you will regain some of what you have lost, good luck

  34. Lon says:

    Google isn't helping today so I will guess:

    Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell?
    O Fortuna by Carl Orff?
    Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros?
    Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation?

    they are pretty popular at sport's venues.
    Good luck.

  35. Roger J. says:

    Mr Obama is simply going to sacrifice a relatively small number of fighting men and women to bolster his reelection chances–there will be no pictures of the coffins at Dover; minimal mention or stories of the military men and women that died because of the sychofantic press coverage of the president. I understand the political reality, but it is indeed a sad sad story.

  36. Natasha says:

    Yes, children are very honest! They may not actually understand the capacity of "the whole entire world." But, within their world, you're the best and they love you for it! But, this is comment to be proud of!

  37. MareDorant09051 says:

    i love my neighborhood…a couple examples of upcoming lunacy… ;-) #iloveLA

  38. Guru says:

    yes, several nations in fact. many nations don't produce thier own weapons, but instead import them from a major maker of arms like the US, China, Russia, Germany, or Israel. So therefore they get no benefits of a war economy.

  39. peSHIr says:

    class=” ” I guess. Unless there was a breakage or blackout. Ugh. That’s why I only fly

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  44. 843me says:

    That silly putty zx was at bike night the other night…. broke.. ol boy had to ask us what was wrong with it.. hahahah good shit

  45. orbital151 says:

    That was cool. Was that Silly Putty? I love Silly Putty. Did you know that Silly Putty is an alien technology?

  46. 0kj3r says:

    i'm forever blowing bubbles…from brazil ;P

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  48. Baldy says:

    Burr & Campbell – I'm forever blowing bubbles (1919)

  49. Pam B says:

    Silly Putty is very similar to gum and the way to get gum out is to place peanut butter all over it, then slowly take it out. Lastly, wash out the Peanut butter leftover.

  50. CAUTION:Truth may hurt! says:

    My military equipment is hardened!

  51. angela c says:

    i'm forever blowing bubbles
    pretty bubbles in the air
    they fly so high
    nearly reach the sky
    and like my dreams they faid and die
    fortunes always hiding
    i've looked every where
    i'm forever blowing bubbles
    pretty bubbles in the air

  52. don't vote says:

    No, but the democrats still don't want to allow our military men and women that are deployed, to cast their vote in the upcoming November election.

  53. Natey Matey says:

    a hand full of silly putty

  54. MrsMChappell says:

    Firemen< cops&military men

  55. ert_gthy says:

    RT class=” ” class=” ” rash or burn?

  56. LeoniaSnively90 says:

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  57. johnny says:

    I would try Pam B.'s method. I have 4 & 6 yrs old kids, and we have an understanding that whenever they get silly putty, play-doh, of moon sand, that we kindly say thank you, and when we get home, it goes in the trash. I have repeatedly told all of my friends to never get my kids play-doh, as it has ruined many a pieces of furniture, and carpet. I hate the stuff!


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